We are a small group of motivated people that come from an arts background.

The advancement of the internet and mobile devices has given us an opportunity

that we cannot pass by - to make and distribute our own entertainment software across the world.

This is something that was impossible for small startups like us until only a few years ago.

It is a dream come true for us to be able to create something and see people from different countries

react to it and enjoy it.

It is a good time to live in, when you can make something that everyone can enjoy and have access to,

without any other resource than your personal hard work.


Our idea when we started Neptillix was to channel our creative energies and ideas to create software

for the ever-growing smartphone and tablet market.

We chose the android market as it is the largest, and we could reach the most people this way.

We started small with live wallpapers, but will go bigger in time,

as we are currently working on games as well.


Our software is made from scratch - everything from the code to the pictures was made by us,

just as we want it to be, and intend for it to be in our future projects.


For now we have several projects, but soon you will see more interesting things, especially in the games.


The fact that we will be putting out games does not mean that there will be no more live wallpapers.

We hope to release one new software, be it a Live Wallpaper, game or something completely different,

monthly, and have been doing so since the autumn of 2014.


We hope that people will like our products so that we can continue to do what we love,

and if all goes well we will be able to create bigger and better products for everybody.




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