Robo Snake

Robo Snake is a 3D version of the classic game Snake, made in Unreal Engine 4

with multiple varying game modes, several playable snakes with different looks and stats

and several diverse backgrounds.

The original formula of Snake made it a very popular game that is still recognizable

and many people play it even today in the the ever growing video game market.

Rob Snake adds small changes to the original gameplay, but at in its core it is still the same game.

There are also new game modes and the graphics are very different from the original 2D blocky look

that most people are familiar with. We chose to make Robo Snake with Unreal Engine 4

because it has the power to make great multi-platform games.

which gives us the ability to make the game as wanted it to be.

The gameplay is familiar to the classic game, but with more realistic snake movement

that requires somewhat different strategies than older Snake games.

It is very easy to learn how to play Robo Snake, but it gets harder as the snake gets longer

and the rules are different in the varying game modes.


There are five modes in the game:

Classic mode – this is the original Snake that everyone knows. Eat to get points and grow.

Survival mode – in this mode the snake shrinks with time, and you must eat as fast as possible.

Timed mode – if the timer runs out it’s game over. Eat the special orbs to extend it.

Challenge mode – eat the orbs quickly, or they become permanent walls.

Hard mode –  a combination of all the previous modes.


As you play you unlock more playable snakes with better stats, as well as more backgrounds.


The game is completely free! It also doesn’t have any ads or in-game purchases.

Screenshots created from PC



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