The Electrician


We are proud to present our very first video game for android devices!


The Electrician Challenge is a puzzle game for android smartphones and tablets,

where you have to set a cable path through a maze of walls in order to power the lightbulbs of the level.

But it is not that simple! Sometimes there are multiple lightbulbs and the power supply

might not be enough for them all. There are “nodes” in most levels that can diverge the cables

so you can reach all the lightbulbs. But remember – not all nodes are there to help you,

some can mislead you.  Be careful or you might get stuck!


The game has a hundred levels and is completely free.

It also has a normal mode and a hardcore mode, where you are on a time limit and cannot undo

any mistakes you make.


Video games are among the most fast growing and loved form of entertainment in the modern world

and it is a great thing that now small groups of people can also create and share games of their own.


Puzzle games are especially great and important for stimulating the brain and thinking process.


We have put allot of passion in to this project and hope that you will like it too!

Graphics, game engine - everything in the game is done completely by us.

Our game offers plenty of levels mind stumping puzzles for anyone who likes a Challenge!

The game will come out soon on Google Play for free.

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