The Techno Maze

We present our second video game for android smartphones and tablets – Techno Maze!


Techno Maze is an enjoyable and fun puzzle game with an intuitive interface and simple to learn

but hard to master gameplay. We tried to make a game that anyone can jump into and have fun with,

but at the same time to develop their thinking and planning skills while playing.

The goal of Techno Maze is to reach the exit of each stage by moving the walls that block your path.

To do this you must activate “pads” within your reach that are of the corresponding color

to the wall you want to move. Remember that a “pad” moves all the walls of the same color

at the same time, so while you might open one path, you may also block another.

The idea of the game is to foresee how moving the walls will affect the stage several turns in advance,

otherwise you may not be able to complete the stage before the timer runs out!

We believe it is very important that for people to think while they have fun,

because that is the best way to learn and acquire skills, so we try to implement that into our games.


The game has numerous levels for you to test your brain power with and is a fun way

to get you thinking! We will be very grateful if you try out Techno Maze,

as we put a lot of time and effort into it and made it from scratch!

We will be releasing Techno Maze on Google Play for free!

It will come out very soon, so stay tuned! We hope that you like it!

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