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Welcome to Neptillix! This website showcases works relating to the fields of digital art, entertainment and online business – it is an ongoing project, created and manned by two people who are passionate about making their vision come true, doing things on their own and working in the spheres of video games, web design, graphic design, 3D modelling and more. We do almost everything by ourselves, and as such we have acquired quite a wide array of skills over the years, including, but not limited to video game prototyping, coding, designing, 3D modelling, animating, testing, debugging, website design, coding and optimisation, graphic design, logo design and more. Feel free to look around the site and see some of our creations and commissions.

Game Development

  • The Neptillix project was originally born from our desire to make video games and is what we have been doing from the very beginning. We started with smaller 2D mobile games and our current project is a full 3D game for PC. Over the years video games have become more and more popular, and are now much more mainstream than they were when we originally started this project, as such we are exited to implement every new technology that takes the field forward and enables small time creators to make their vision a reality and dare to take on bigger projects that would have been impossible just a decade ago. Here you can view some of our works throughout the years for both mobile and PC.

Web Design

  • While starting with video games, soon afterwards we branched out to the enormous field of web design – something that we thought about doing since the very early days of this project. and have since coded and designed several websites, both commissioned to us and just for ourselves. The site you are currently in is entirely made by us as well. Here we have showcased the most recent projects that we were commissioned to do – two educational websites that we built on the famous Moodle platform. Both are international projects that were and funded by the European Erasmus+ programme.

3D Design

  • 3D modelling, texturing, rigging and animation is something we have had an interest even while we were still art students, and it thus a very large part of this project, mostly relating to our video game projects, as they require a large amount of 3D assets that must meet strict parameters in order to be usable in a video game context. In addition to that we have done several interior design projects. In this website you can view a large amount of the various 3D models that we have made for our games, ranging form characters to vehicles, nature, machinery, architecture and more.

Graphic Design

  • A field integral to our modern world and intertwined in almost every facet of it, graphic design is something that we studied long before we began this project, and is has played a part in all our projects to some degree. It is absolutely essential for website design, but it is also very much necessary for video game creation. We have made use of our skills in everything from the logo designs for our project to the interface and HUD of our games. In this website you can view some of our graphic design works taken from various projects.